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    Engineering machinery how to self innovation and spray head assembly

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    Engineering machinery how to self innovation and spray head assembly

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    The nozzle assembly wire drawing machine specifications currently looms, knitting and dyeing equipment parts are using special controller drive using more common drive through the relative concentration of mechanical transmission and distribution of power systems by multi transmission energy effectively reduce the complexity of equipment to improve driving efficiency convenient adjustment process to reduce the maintenance quantity and shorten the new equipment the design and development cycle of roving machine, spinning machine, winding machine and all kinds of chemical fiber machinery are already using multi transmission technology of fieldbus technology and common DC bus technology makes the multi drive more advantages of cost is to limit the use of a large number of key factors of multi drive drive prices gradually reduce will enable more users try to drive products.

    The drawing machine specifications of fieldbus use to increase the number of textile machinery is composed of a plurality of interconnected processes using field main trends in automation technology development of textile machinery industry include: the use of special controller use will increase, the more common transmission and field bus use increased three aspects of the special controller using special controller embedded products will increase relative to PLC has the characteristics of computing ability, communication and convenient mass use of control also has the advantages of low cost advantages of textile machinery requirements are relatively simple to use large quantities of very suitable for the development of special bus controller to coordinate the process can effectively improve the production efficiency of the fiber, dyeing and finishing production line and a number of large machines are beginning to use based on field bus


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