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    DQY Series Trio Machine

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    DQY Series Trio Machine

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    DQY Series Trio Machine

    DQY Series Trio Machine is used for stretching the viscose tow to get high fiber tenacity. It works with the tow cutter. 

    Equipment structure

    1.Stretching device

    The stretching device consists of 3 stretch rollers with same diameters. 

    The viscose tow is wound around the stretch rollers, makes the tow draw over from the front-end equipment, for the later processing or to be stored in the viscose larry.

    2.Driving part

    The 3 stretch rollers are driven by three frequency modulation reduction motors separately. The speed of the motor is 15~73r/min.

    3.Viscose container

    The viscose container is mounted on the water tank, and the viscose tow can pass through it and fall into the viscose larry below. 

    4.Protection device

    The protection device consists of sliding window and exhaust cover. The protection device and exhaust the harmful gases generated by the working process to reduce pollutions.

    Technical specification


    single side, either right or left hand

    Working medium

    Viscose fiber

    Working   temperature


    Stretching   capacity

    400–13000000 denier

    Spinning speed


    Stretching   roller

    Φ300mm×(310335) mm

    Dimension (L×W×H)

    1550×1490×3700    mm


    Approx 1.5T

    Material that   contact with the working medium

    904L, 316L and 321(can be customized   depending on clients requirements)

    Motor for   stretching roller

    SEW or NORD

    Motor for sliding   window

    SEW or NORD


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