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    HR500 double push material centrifuge

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    HR500 double push material centrifuge

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    • Release date:2015/12/22
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    HR500 double push material centrifuge

    Model: HR500 double push material centrifuge

    HR series horizontal pistons of the two ends push material centrifuge

    Working principle

    HR series pistons of the two ends push material consist of oil-supplying system, material-push structure, bearing seat, hollow shaft, pushing shaft, the first-grade drum, the second-grade drum, material-gathering groove, feeding pipe, washing pipe, shell and other parts. After the first-grade and second-grade drum running at a full speed driven by the main motor through the transmission belt, the mixture will be led to the material distributing plate through feeding pipeline continuously. Then the mixture will be distributed evenly on the filter net of the inner first-grade drum. Most of the liquid will be thrown out through the filter net and the filter holes on the drum wall and then drained outside through liquid outlet. The solid will be intercepted in the filter net and drum, and form a cake ring. While drum of the two grades are revolving together at a same speed, the drum of the first grade will move reciprocately continuously in axial by the pushing of the pistons, then the pushing plate will be able to push out the filter cake in the drum of the first grade. In the next step, the filter cake will be pushed into the drum of the second grade to further separate and form a new filter cake. Then, the outer edge of the first-grade drum will push the new filter cake out of the second grade drum continuously. The filtering and washing liquid can be drained out if necessary. 

    Main Characteristics

    HR series horizontal pistons of the two ends push material centrifuge is a kind of filtering centrifuge that can feed continuously and the filter cake can be pushed out intermittently. It can go through all procedures as feeding, separating, washing, discharging and etc while the centrifuge is running at a full speed. It has the following distinctive features:

    1.      It can operate continuously and steadily, with a large production.

    2.      Because of its high separating factor, it can dehydrate fully in the two drums. So, the filter cake will contain less moist.

    3.      While there is a high demand to the purity of the products, the centrifuge can wash them and drain out the washing liquid and the mother liquid out separately.

    4.      Low and even consumption of the power.


    Using Scope

    This type of centrifuge is well used to separate suspension with its solid size over 0.15mm and density over 40%. It can be used in chemical, light, pharmacy and food industry to produce sodium chloride, ammonium fluoride, ammonium bicarbonate, sodium, sulphate, urea, caffeine, polyethylene, polystyrene, oxalate, nitrate.


    The choice of HR series horizontal pistons of the two ends push material centrifuge

    1.It is used to separate the products which contains much moisture in high quantity and has a high washing requirement.

    2.The density of the suspension is within 30%80%(weight percentage); the even product size over 0.15mm and the its viscosity should be less than 10-1Pa·S

    You can choose HR series horizontal pistons of the two ends push material centrifuge in the above conditions.


    Other choices

    1. Material: product contact parts can be common stainless steel, special stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium and etc.

    2. Motor: you can choose common motor or explosive-proof motor

    3. Draining means: you can choose to drain the mother liquid and the washing liquid separately or together.

    4. Space width of the filter net:0.08–0.40mm

    5. You can choose to design and manufacture according to GMP requirements.

    6. Other requirements.

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